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Frequently Asked Questions
Questions most often asked the NIAAA and their answers.

Alcoholism Glossary
Terms associated with alcoholism and recovery.

A Family Disease
If someone else's drinking is a problem for you, these pages can help sort out the confusion.

A.A. History
Archivist and historian Mitchell K. looks at the early days of Alcoholics Anonymous.

Alcohol-Related News
New links, news headlines, community news and more.

Traffic Fatalities
The most recent statistics concerning alcohol-related traffic deaths.

Alcoholism & Divorce
Divorce options and alternatives in marriages in which alcohol is an issue.

Al-Anon Discussion Topics
Issues of interest to Al-Anon Family Groups.

Demographics of Drinkers
Drunks by age, gender, country of origin.

Have a Drinking Problem?
Articles that help explain what alcoholism is and what can be done about it.

Alcohol and Cancer
Even moderate alcohol drinking can increase risk.

Alcoholism Library
More than 300 articles exploring alcoholism and related issues.

Cybriety Medallions
Get a Cyber version or email one to a friend.

Dealing With the Holidays
Tips on dealing with many aspects of the surviving the holidays safely.

The latest research and information.

Dual Diagnosis
A look at the problem, the solutions and a caution about possible overtreament.

Health Issues
Long-term drinking can bring about a myriad of related health problems.

Issues for Women
Women who abuse alcohol face much greater risks than their male counterparts.

Personal Stories of Recovery
Struggle to find and maintain sobriety.

Statistics and Data
Vast resource for students.

Substance and Drug Abuse
Information on subtance abuse, addiction treatment, and facts about commonly abused drugs.

The Twelve Steps
Not merely a way to stop drinking, these steps can also be a guide toward an entire new way of life.

The Twelve Traditions
The Twelve Traditions contain the spiritual principles that keep 12 step support groups focused on their primary purpose.

The World of a Child
How does drinking effect the world of a child?

Treatment Centers
Lists of facilities indexed geographically.

What is Alcoholism?
How does it differ from alcohol abuse?

Workplace Issues
A look at why and how companies are establishing workplace substance abuse policies.


Substance Abuse: Alcohol

An exhaustive index of online substance abuse resources

Homework Help
Resources for students doing research.

The Effects of Alcohol
Some myths about drinking are exposed.

For 12 Step Group Members
Resources and information.

Adult Children of Alcoholics
Online resources for Adult Children.

Binge Drinking
Exactly what is binge drinking?

Fetal Alcohol Syndrome
The risks of drinking while pregnant.

College Binge Drinking
Facts about binge drinking on campus.

Relationship/Codependency Issues
Affected by someone else's drinking?

Denial, Enabling, Detachment
Some stumbling blocks to recovery.

Depression and Alcohol
Dealing with depression and addiction.

Online Diagnostic Tools
Have a drinking problem?

Support for Families
Resources for families.

Genetics of Alcoholism
Is alcoholism hereditary?

Health Issues
Alcohol-related health issues.

Alcohol Liver Disease
A major cause of illness and death.

Medical Treatment for Alcoholism
Pharmacological treatment.

Find a Meeting
Find a meeting or support group online or off.

Alternative Recovery Support
Secular approaches to recovery.

Online Recovery Resources
Recovery available on the Internet.

Pregnancy and Drinking
Drinking can effect your unborn baby's health.

Help for Problem Drinkers
For those ready to stop drinking.

Recovery Tools
Software, books and other helps.

Treatment and Rehab Centers
Professional and medical treatment.

Withdrawal Symptoms
Can range from very mild to life-threatening.

Women & Alcohol
Gender-based alcohol issues.

12 Step Humor
Humor wit and satire.

12 Step Periodicals
Grapevine, The Forum and other journals.

12 Step Recovery
Information about 12 step programs.

A.A. History in Pictures
Photographic history of Alcoholics Anonymous.

A.A. Meetings
Meeting schedules by state.

Al-Anon Meetings
Where and When for local meetings.

A.A. Internet Meetings
Email, IRC, Chat, and Bulletin Boards.

Al-Anon Internet Meetings
Email, Chat, and Bulletin Board meetings.

ACA Meetings & Contacts
Meetings for Adult Children.

Alcohol Alerts
News from the NIAAA.

Alcohol Dementia
Neurological damage.

Downers -- a dangerous dependency.

Brain Damage and Alcohol
Consequence of long-term consumption.

Christian Recovery Resources
Resources for Christians in Recovery.

Cirrhosis of the Liver
Threat to chronic drinkers.

Cocaine and Crack
Why are they so dangerous?

Codependency Resources
Links for codependents.

Daily Inspiration
Reflections, prayers, and meditations.

Diabetes & Alcohol
The two can be a fatal combination.

Drinking Alcohol and Cancer Risk
Researchers continue to find a link.

Dual Diagnosis
Mental disorders and substance abuse.

Ecstasy - MDMA
A synthetic, mind-altering drug.

Elderly and Alcohol
Alcohol abuse by senior citizens.

Family Intervention
Sometimes intervention works.

For the Children
For children in alcoholic homes.

Substances that can cause hallucinations.

The best cure is avoidance.

Health Effects of Alcohol
Alcohol is not the only problem.

Hepatitis C
A silent killer for alcoholics.

The most addictive drug.

History of Alcoholic Anonymous
The legacy of the early meetings.

Information for Employers
Alcohol and drug abuse in the workplace.

Information for Families of Alcoholics
Pages that help sort out the confusion.

Inhalant Abuse
Breathable chemical vapors.

MADD Chapters
Find a MADD Chapter near you.

The most widely used illicit drug.

Medication Reactions
Few can be taken safely while drinking.

Also known as the poor man's cocaine.

New drug may help prevent relapse.

Shown to reduce craving and use.

Nar-Anon Meetings
Find a local meeting in your area.

Nar-Anon Resources
For the families of drug addicts.

Nicotine and Alcohol
The correlations and the effects.

Non-Alcoholic Beer
There is no such thing.

Nutrition and Alcohol
Alcohol can be a dietary problem.

Official 12 Step Organizations
World Service web sites.

Other Drugs
Many today are cross-addicted.

One of the most abused prescription drugs.

Personal Recovery Pages
Pages maintained by folks in recovery.

Personal Recovery Stories
Those who have been there tell their stories.

Political Issues
Alcohol-related legislative measures.

Prescription Medications
Legal drugs which are sometimes abused.

Program Notes
Wisdom from the 12-step programs.

Recovery Gifts
Online shopping for recovery-related gifts.

Relapse Prevention
Triggers, medications and preventive measures.

Resources for Families
Affected by someone else's drinking?

Safe Holiday Tips
Protecting yourself from the dangers.

Setting Boundaries
Setting and maintaining boundaries.

Anabolic Steroids
Synthetic derivatives of testosterone.

The Costs of Alcohol Abuse
The cost to society is staggering.

SMART Recovery
Self Management And Recovery Training.

Teens and Alcohol
Information about teenage drinking.

Tips for Parents
Tips and information for parents.

Women's Health Issues
Health risks for those who drink.